Marble Slabs for GTA Home Owners

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Marble Slabs for GTA Homes

Marble countertops are beautiful, striking, and impressive. An elegant marble countertop can give your kitchen a feeling of luxury and add great beauty to your living space. However, as you research marble countertops, you’ll find many articles that discuss the disadvantages of this natural stone. In this article we’ll examine some of these claims and attempt to assess their veracity.

Marble Myths and FAQs

  • Marble scratches easily. It’s true that marble is softer than other types of countertop materials. Marble is formed when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure, and limestone is a soft stone. Many marble aficionados consider the occasional scratch a natural part of the character of the countertop. If you are concerned about scratches, you can opt for a honed finish, which keeps scratches from showing.
  • Marble stains easily. Because marble is slightly porous, some etching may develop if acidic foods such as wine, orange juice, or tomatoes are allowed to remain on the surface for too long. However, many marble lovers welcome the look of a natural patina that will develop over time. Frequent resealing of the countertop will help to prevent staining.
  • Marble is difficult to care for. Marble does need to be resealed more often than other natural stone countertops, but really, resealing is a simple job. Clean the surface, apply sealant, let it sit for about fifteen minutes, and then wipe it off. You can tell if your surface needs resealing by sprinkling a few drops of water on the counter. If it beads, your seal is fine. If it spreads or soaks in, it’s time to reapply the sealant.
  • Marble isn’t heat resistant. Many countertop materials are not heat resistant. Worst case scenario: you’ll have to use a trivet before setting down hot pots and pans.
  • Marble is expensive. Marble is the high-end countertop material, so it is more expensive than other materials. Of course, it can be argued that marble is also more beautiful and adds more value to your home than any other material, too!

Is a Marble Countertop for You?

Every type of countertop material has advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel is heat resistant, but it shows smudges and fingerprints. Laminate is inexpensive, but it doesn’t add much value to your home. Tiles are attractive, but they make for an uneven working surface. Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether marble is the right countertop for you depends on your preference and your lifestyle. If you love the beauty of natural marble, you will probably not be happy with a concrete or synthetic countertop. On the other hand, if you can’t stand the idea of a countertop that acquires patina from use, marble may not be your best choice. If you want the feeling of luxury that marble creates, nothing else will do! But if the idea of regular resealing and being vigilant about wiping up spills irritates you, you should investigate other options.
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